Instructions for using the laundry


The laundry may be used from Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 10.00 pm, with the exception of bank holidays.

  • Mark your reservation in the book at the corridor of the laundry.
  • A laundry reservation entitles you to use the laundry room and the drying room.
  • There is a separate reservation book and usage fee for the mangle.

The board of the housing company approves the fees for using the laundry, which are invoiced twice a year according to the reservation book. The fees for the year 2010 are:

  • 2 euros/hour for using the laundry and drying room
  • 1 euros/hour for using the mangle

Using the washing machines, drying rooms and the mangle

To avoid accidents, please follow the operating instructions for the washing machines, as well as the washing instructions on clothing. Note that underwired brassiere can only be washed in the washing machines when inserted into a washing bag.

Rugs may not be washed in the washing machines. There is a dedicated wash basin and rinsing table for washing rugs.

  • If the machines are noted to have been damaged due to inproper usage, the cost of repairs will be claimed from the user in question.

Please hang up your laundry in the drying room using the clothes lines in order (line by line).

  • Collect your dry laundry by 9 am on the following morning
    (except for Sundays).
  • If dry laundry has been forgotten on the lines, the next user may remove and set them aside.
  • Dripping wet laundry and rugs may not be hung in the drying room, as there is no floor drain in the room.

The mangle room is equipped with a heat mangle and a large cold mangle.  Instructions for using the heat mangle are at the mangle room. The large heritage mangle may not be operated without prior training for the device!

Each washer takes care of cleaning up the premises after use. After the washing period, the floor of the washing room must be wiped dry with a floor wiper.

If you have questions regarding using the house laundry, please contact apartment N 79. Malfunctioning equipment must always be reported by the user to the upkeeper: Tapiolan Lämpö, tel. 020 310 310. In such cases, please leave a note for the other users describing when and which problems have been reported.

As Oy Otsonkallio, housing board